Baja Pete

Change Your LatituteTM

Living Large on Poco Pesos in Baja Mexico

­¡Órale, güey! ¿Que pedo? Welcome! If you’re looking to travel or, better yet, retire to Baja California, this website is for you. I’ll be blogging and vlogging about Baja life and Baja living, giving you the inside scoop on places to visit and how to relocate and live comfortably on a fraction of what you might be spending at home. I’ll be your güey en Baja and I’ll help you change your attitude by changing your latitude.

El Güey en Baja

My name is Pedro, some friends call me Pete, and I’ve been vacationing in Baja California, specifically San Felipe, for over twenty years. Just two hours south of the Calexico/Mexicali border, San Felipe has been my getaway destination, my “no manches” state of mind.

After decades of struggling to make ends meet in Northern California, I finally decided to radically change my life for the better. I was tired of working just to pay my bills, tired of traffic, tired of politics, tired of being tired. If you can relate to this, then stay tuned for more content coming soon, especially on my YouTube Channel, as I begin to capture and share my experiences with changing my attitude by changing my latitude.